Issue 5, Spring 2013

It’s spring again, and Treehouse’s first year has gone marvelously. Expect exciting times, because we have an awesome free contest in progress, a new prompt for our Brief Encounters series, and even more poems, stories, essays, and genre-benders from our skilled contributors. Take a moment to stop and smell the prose, and if you’re a writer, send us something good!

Table of Contents

Fearing for the Astronauts (poetry)
by Tim Suermondt

The Devil on His Wedding Night (poetry)
by Jose Angel Araguz

Book Club Primavera (genre-bender)
by Richard Baldasty

Aphorisms and Epigrams (genre-bender)
by Nick D’Annunzio Jones

The Wake (poetry)
by Fred MacVaugh

Who’s Your Phuture? (prose poem)
by Kyle Hemmings

Missed Connections (poetry)
by Chris Fox

17th View From a Two-Car Garage (prose poem)
by Mark Seidl

INCOMPETENT TRANSLATION: “El Desdichado” by Gérard de Nerval
& INCOMPETENT TRANSLATION: “Le Bateau Ivre” by Arthur Rimbaud
by Bill Yarrow

Seventh Summer (poetry)
by Brendan Sullivan

Commencement Speech (fiction)
by Elizabeth Word Gutting

Third Date in a Graveyard in Montgomery, Alabama
& Resting in a Café (poetry)
by K. A. Webb

Teeth (fiction)
by Diego Báez