Aphorisms and Epigrams

by a contributor

Nick D’Annunzio Jones

Maisons Closes

For prostitutes there,
no act was impossible,
except, of course, love.


Al Contrario

What passions weave,
by reason is undone,
the Pope wrote Pope.


Avant le Déluge

Fat tails and bubbles.
Traders scoff at kurtosis.
Black swans crane their necks.


Oscar Wilde

After 20 years of love, a man feels like a king;
after 20 years of marriage, he feels like a queen.



In a truly inclusive, multicultural America, everyone will feel marginalized.



t’s th lngst wrd
wtht vwls n nglsh.
Lks Rssn, thgh, dsn’t t?


Chicago Style

Cat fog
14.34 Metaphor


Brooklyn Semordnilap

Yo! Oy!



Hey, Lana!
Don’t get up.
You’re content.


Dorothy Parker

If the masses are asses
And some asses are massive
Boy, I fear the greenhouse gasses


Rebuttal to Rebuttals of Robert Frost’s Rebuttal of Free Verse

Tennis without a net may be difficult but only because it is no longer tennis.



If you fear you’re a sociopath, you’re not.


Sign [Found] Inside Le Trapeze,
A Sex Club in Manhattan

Please Keep
Torso Covered
Near Buffet Table

Nick D’Annunzio Jones lives and writes in Seattle. He is a former reporter for The New York Times and has published poetry in numerous journals in the United States, Ireland, Sweden and Australia.

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