Issue 1, Spring 2012

We are excited to present the first issue of Treehouse, an online magazine for writing that is short enough to read on a coffee break, but good enough to linger over. Treehouse is still open for submissions, and new writing will be added to this issue on a rolling basis. Return each week to find more!

Mary Ruefle wrote these lines in her poem “White Buttons”:

I like to read in tree houses
whenever I can    which is seldom
and sometimes never.

      – published in Poetry magazine, September 2011

We agree that tree houses are great, if rare, places to read good literature. Though we can’t build one for every reader, we offer our magazine hoping that you’ll enjoy it with a similar sense of adventure, surprise, and heightened perspective.

Table of Contents

Step 9: A Misinterpretation (genre-bender)
by Michelle E. Crouch

A History of Remembering
Presentiment (prose poetry)
by Ariana Nadia Nash

Say Goodbye to Your Father (fiction)
by Marie-Helene Bertino

A Modest Guide to Truculence/Survival: Girls (genre-bender)
by Leesa Cross-Smith

Hunting in the Georgia Basin (From One Fox to Another) (prose poetry)
by Phillip Cerwin

Girl/Box (fiction)
by Roxane Gay

A Green Bug in Your Tea (poetry)
by William Doreski

Forced Humanity (nonfiction)
by Hope Bordeaux

Reader Response Theory (fiction)
      I. Albuquerque Is a Fine Place for a Wedding
      II. Helping Hands
      III. Parts & Labor
by Andrew Brininstool

Jesus’ Son Retrospective

Editor’s Preface
by Johannes Lichtman

Three Notes on Jesus’ Son
by Robert Anthony Siegel

Dreams with Consequence: How Jesus’ Son Gets Away with Shit Other Books Just Can’t
by Chris McCormick

On “Dundun”
by Patrick Somerville

Great Gray Brains
by Michael Wolfe

Intermittent Magic and Uncorrectable Mistakes
by Matthew Specktor

All Those Weirdos, and Us
by Matt Bell

Feed or Flush (genre-bender)
by Beth Bates

Letters to a Tenant (prose poetry)
      October 30
      October 31
      November 1
by Laura Kochman

Winter Myths (poetry)
by Valentina Cano