Five Lies I Tell Myself Every Day

by a contributor

from Lena Gluck, author of When Asked Why there was Pain in the World, Minimum Wage, and Dalliance:

  1. I’m not going to die, ever. And even if I did for some unfathomable reason, it would be absolutely impossible for it to happen anytime soon. The same goes for anyone I’ve ever met.

  2. I am happiest in life when I am out in nature, at one with the earth. Certainly not when I am eating oversized sandwiches. That would disappoint anyone who ever viewed me highly.

  3. In the infinities of time and space, I’m significant. I’m sure someone saved my post on an internet forum two months ago and returns to it in their darkest moments of doubt.

  4. The reality that most of my thoughts have already been explored by countless other people is a good enough reason to procrastinate writing.

  5. I found the fountain of youth. It tastes like wet peaches and involves ignoring the calendar.