The After Effects

by a contributor

Dominique Johnson

Inspired by the song “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon

“You know that I could use somebody…
 You know that I could use somebody… Someone like you…”

The worst days are the ones that we let go by
That we failed to live
The days that we should’ve spoken up and said something but we never did
Yet when it’s all falling down now it’s important
But when I’m gone and you’ve gotten rid of me, there is no way to abort it.
They say that life is priceless, so just how can we afford it?
These are my recurring thoughts. The ones that ought to be naught, but they are.
The ones that slow time down and allow my mind to explore, to go far.
I won’t lie and say these thoughts don’t exist.
The truth is that I’m waiting on you to free me.
The remnants of your excellence will suffice enough to do just this.
These are the thoughts that creep up on me.
Catch me when I’m awake but consciously sleeping. I’m just elsewhere.
Trying to find the place where I belong
As I look to my left
Then to my right
I see no place neither here nor there.
Back history is suspending us.
Not propelling but maintaining, but the undying stress of it all is conflicting and straining.
Every time the thought occurs it gets harder to leave.
Yet if this is the highest point, the pinnacle of sorts, of this irregular discourse, then what is there left for us to achieve?
These are the days when I know I need some help, but you won’t be there
This problem has no solution, but I won’t even remember; when this chair falls and I hang by this belt we will have found our conclusion. 

“You know that I could use somebody…
 You know that I could use somebody… Someone like you…”

Dominique Johnson is from Shreveport, Louisiana.  He is a Louisiana State University graduate and he loves writing about life as an experience.  He tries to think of every success, failure, or experience that he has as an opportunity to create a story or learn something new.  He aspires to inspire through his writing.

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