This is Summer, As Told by Your 5 Senses

by a contributor

from Emily Blanquera and Simon Alford:

Emily Blanquera is a high school student from Dublin, Ohio who likes reading, writing, and theatre, and recognizes that she, as a high schooler, hasn’t done anything of much significance.

Simon Alford is sixteen and loves to read and loves Treehouse.

  1. Sight. The faces of your friends as they laugh about something stupid during rest period at the pool, chlorinated water seeping down from their hairlines onto their sunburned cheeks, mouths full of radioactive nacho cheese, sitting cross legged on a ratty beach towel.
  2. Sound. A bike ride, the tires racing down the sidewalk, the machine gun tat-tat-tat-tat of the playing cards clothes-pinned to the spokes, landing with a thud after every crack in the sidewalk, the skid of the rubber wheels through a puddle, the broken bell pitifully wheezing with each unexpected jostle, the squeal of rusty brakes.
  3. Smell. Fresh laundry as you walk past a neighbor’s house, the detergent wafting through the open windows to mingle with hot pavement, barbecue, freshly cut grass, and last night’s bonfire. A cacophony in your nostrils.
  4. Taste. Cold water straight from the hose during a game of neighborhood kickball, your thirst raging after 45 minutes, the slightly metallic taste a welcome change from the sweat that coats your face in a salty sheen.
  5. Touch. A bonfire, the heat beating at your shins, the grass itchy underneath your crossed legs, a wind blowing against your shoulders, the weak resilience of a marshmallow pressed between two graham crackers, your hands sticky as you reach to itch a mosquito bite on your ankle.