This Week in Words – Nov 9

by Treehouse Editors

compiled by Rachel Bondurant

How many male novelists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Find out here.

Blockbuster Video is closing its doors. (Maybe because the word “video” is no longer relevant?) I’m really going to miss those 4 for $20 DVDs. And absurdly large boxes of candy. In case you weren’t a frequenter of Blockbuster (or are not old enough to really get it, in which case I say to you: ugh), this sums it up nicely.

Margaret Atwood doesn’t have the time for book blurbs anymore, so don’t ask. But if you do, at least she’s poetic when she tells you no.

Anybody who has worked in an office or gone on any kind of retreat can sympathize with this story. Because — who are we kidding? — we’ve all thought about it and you know it.

“Marsupial.” “Spelunking.” “Financial advice.” “Custom ringtones.” “Fuck. Or…rat bastard.”