This Week in Words – Sept 28

by Treehouse Editors

compiled by Rachel Bondurant

I’ve been talking about this book a lot.  So how about I let someone else give it a try for a change?  Say, Steve Almond?

This past Tuesday was National Punctuation Day!!! ! &…. That’s how one celebrates, I suppose? — Anyway, Mary Norris ruminates about NPD (that acronym is going to catch on, I can feel it) over at The New Yorker.

Also this week, and ending today, is Banned Books Week!  My favorite literary week of the year!  MediaBistro offers a list of this year’s most challenged books – which you can also find here – and links to samples of each.  Do yourself a favor though: don’t read the sample for 50 Shades of Grey.  It claims to have been banned for being “sexually explicit” and containing “offensive language,” which I think means curse words and such, but if you’ve read any of it, you know they mean it’s offensive to the institution of language.

Recommended reading: Go here, read about banned or challenged books, then select one and read it.  If you’re overwhelmed with too many choices, you can start with the list of my favorites I wrote last year.