This Week in Words – June 15

by Treehouse Editors

compiled by Rachel Bondurant

Steve Almond and Peter Stenson conduct themselves admirably in what is probably one of the most entertaining interviews I’ve read all year.

On the other end of the spectrum, Cynthia Cruz illustrates beautifully what it means and where she goes when she writes.

Gary Shteyngart shares a piece of memoir – entitled “From the Diaries of Pussycake” because he just can’t help himself and who can blame him? – in the way only Gary Shteyngart can: funny, touching, dark, and funny again.

Not surprisingly, everyone is talking about the NSA scandal. So far be it from me to stray from the norm. Here, though, is Sasha Weiss’s take on, not the scandal exactly, but the apparently flagrant disregard for personal privacy people seem to exhibit when they post on the Internet…which should automatically include every Internet participant by the way, because, you know, that shit ain’t private ever.

And for your fiction rec this week: “Carlos, Davy, Micah: Teenagers from Mars” in Sundog Lit’s Issue 3 by Ezra Carlson. As per usual, I’m not sure how to put the readability of this into words, except to say it’s imaginative, provocative in language, and just damn good to read.  So do just that.