Degrees of Separation: Mud Luscious Press

by Treehouse Editors

Some MLP-published names might be familiar to Treehouse readers. Check it out –

MLP released Matt Bell’s book Cataclysm Baby in 2012, and one of our editors wrote a review of it. Matt Bell also wrote a perceptive piece for our Jesus’ Son Restrospective.

Roxane Gay, author of Girl/Box, contributed to [C.] An MLP Stamp Stories Anthology. The description of that book says, “We wanted to tie together the indie press community in a vibrant yet viable way, & so this venture was born,” which is pretty cool, since we’re fans of bringing the community together too.

Our contributor Brandi Wells, who wrote Domesticity, is the author of Poisonhorse, published by the Nephew imprint of Mud Luscious Press in August of 2012.