Five Paint Colors with Literary Ambitions

by a contributor

from Richard Baldasty, author of Book Club Primavera:

  1. Winter Solstice
    Benjamin Moore Paints

    “Resembling early evening shadows on freshly fallen snow . . . inspires thoughts of slipping into a warm wool sweater on a chilly night.”

    Also known as Gray

  2. Outerspace from the Midnight Mystery collection
    Sherwin-Williams Paints

    “We’ve got a secret. It’s our dark side, and we’re irresistibly drawn to exploring its murky depths and shadows. The colors are moody, the vibe is masculine and the aesthetic is both Victorian and futuristic. Visible mechanicals intrigue us, while theatrical effects, eerie collections and menswear-inspired fabrics like tweed and hound’s-tooth evoke Sherlock Holmes and the Prohibition era of secret doors and speakeasies.”

    Also known as Slate

  3. Vintage Chandelier
    Dulux Paints UK

    “Spacious and carefree, this beautiful shade has taken its inspiration from vintage routes.”

    Also known as Beige

  4. Meringue from the Mystical series
    Krylon Products Group

    “As we sense a void in our neutral lives we are searching to fill it with spirituality and balance. We look to the sea and sky with their ethereal hues that are grounded with rich, deep colors from the earth. There is a shimmery quality to the colors in this palette which can be achieved with a touch of pearlescence.”

    Also known as Pale Yellow

  5. Dream I Can Fly
    Benjamin Moore Paints

    “Youthful and uncomplicated, this rich, saturated hue is clean and crisp. Evoking daydreams of magic carpet rides, it feels fun and carefree.”

    Also known as Aqua Blue

Quotes are all from company websites or product fact sheets.