This Week in Words – Mar 9

by Treehouse Editors

compiled by Rachel Bondurant

Fun with Charles Bukowski! To be fair, he’s not really there (of course); it’s a reading and a link to more Bukowski-related stuff. He’s recently become a favorite of mine, probably because I can understand his poetry (and also because there’s a dark humor to it). This is my favorite.

And the Pride and Prejudice news just keeps on coming. David O. Russell – the guy responsible for writing the screenplay for Silver Linings Playbook (which is awesome, by the way) – has adapted Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for the silver screen. It’s slow going, but with a screenplay and producers on board, it looks like this thing might actually make it.

I discovered this gem of British humor weirdness this week. The name of the endeavor alone – Pink Mist – makes me a bit uncomfortable, but I like it.

And I’m recommending you check out the latest issue from Up the Staircase, which you can do online. Spotlight on “More Cherries” by Bud Smith and “Backseat Blues” by Jules Archer (both fiction).