This Week in Words – Mar 2

by Treehouse Editors

compiled by Rachel Bondurant

Fifty previously unpublished poems by Rudyard Kipling will be released sometime this month after being discovered by Thomas Pinney. Fans of Kipling hope poems like “The Press” – included in the article – will draw the focus away from Kipling’s politics (he’s long been associated with favoring imperialism) and more toward the merit of his work.

Who doesn’t love a good place to read? Check out these thirty hot spots from Buzzfeed: everywhere from an abandoned Wal-Mart turned library to the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale.

If you can’t get enough of your favorite classic characters, here’s a list of five books that serve as spin-offs, prequels, or some other kind of extension of classic novels. Follow Mr. March, military chaplain and father of Little Women heroines Beth and Jo March. Learn the story of Rochester’s first wife before she went mad in Wide Sargasso Sea.

You can never hear too many writing tips from the masters. I stumbled upon these seven from F. Scott Fitzgerald which inevitably led to these seven by Ernest Hemingway. Whose advice do you prefer?

Two fiction pieces for you to not miss this week:

Jane Liddle’s “The Correct Answers in the Heather Section of the SATs” is the latest from wigleaf. Telling a story through analogies. Not something you see every day. And not something anyone can pull off.

Sundog editor Justin Lawrence Daugherty (also the author of the always-worth-reading “Here, the Invisible Man…: Notes on a Letter Written in Invisible Ink”) has a wicked little piece in Necessary Fiction called “The Molting.” Justin, you had me at “slovenly.”