Brief Encounter: Your Life According to Computer-Generated Ads

by Treehouse Editors

If your browsing history consists of reading a lot of, you may be seeing ads that want you to build (your very own!) Treehouse. Or maybe your gmail ads are telling you to buy an ethical engagement ring before you meet a local single in your area and elope to Mexico to start an Alpaca farm. You may even already have a sponsored publisher in mind for when you return from your journey to write a novel about the whole thing. For the next BE, share a nonfiction, fiction, poetry or genre-bender inspired by vicarious Internet life.

Brief Encounters should be labeled as such in the subject line of the email to distinguish from general submissions and should be attached as a word .doc. Feel free to send more than one in the same document. Each submission should be no longer than 400 words. Deadline is January 31st.