This Week in Words – Nov 24

by Treehouse Editors

compiled by Rachel Bondurant

Happy Thanksgiving (weekend), readers!

I’d like to give a big, big, big thank-you on behalf of the Treehouse staff to all of our readers, contributors, and submitters. You all make Treehouse possible and let us keep doing what we love. We appreciate it!

Some Thanksgiving-themed links this week:

From The New Yorker: A turkey slide show! Turkeys being eaten, turkeys on pumpkins, girls riding turkeys – you name it.

Electric Literature made a list of stories, essays, and novels that mention Thanksgiving somewhere in their pages. They’ve linked to places you can either buy or read them. (I’m rather partial to Marie Bertino’s “North Of” which you can find right there at Electric Lit. That said, I’m a fan of David Sedaris, too, who also made the list.)

Finally, GalleyCat gives thanks for free e-books. They’ve given us a kickass flow chart to make it easy as (pumpkin?) pie to find a book we might dig (taken from the top 50 at Project Gutenberg).