This Week in Words – Nov 17

by Treehouse Editors

compiled by Rachel Bondurant

Philip Roth is calling it quits. He sort of snuck that news in under the table in a French mag. In response, The Millions has a list of 10 lessons that you can learn from Roth’s expansive body of work.

Jack Gilbert, brilliant poet, died this week which is terribly depressing. My sister has been inundating my e-mail inbox with Gilbert poems; the latest, “Failing and Flying,” effing blows my mind. And for good measure, “Prospero Without His Magic” is just tremendous too.

As you may know, I just completely love Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. The latest issue of Mother Jones includes an interview with Pullman in which he talks about his retelling of the Grimm fairy tales, what his daemon would look like, some conversation on religion, and (gasp!) the sequel he’s working on to that oh-so-heartbreaking tale I love so much.

McSweeney’s has some delectable Thanksgiving goodness for you. And if you haven’t already read it: Colin Nissan does an excellent job of wrapping up this holiday season in a neat little package decorated with gourds and cornucopias.