5 Things You Should Read During Lunch Breaks, Coffee Breaks, & at Long Stoplights

by a contributor

from Yve Miller, author of The Glowstar Sequence:

Short Stoplight: Machines are for Leaving by Michele Battiste at The Bakery – because you’ll stop for a second and realize something small (or big even) and leave the poem as a slightly changed, maybe even lighter, version of yourself.

Venti Coffee Break: September by Anna Kovatcheva at The Kenyon Review – because you’ll cry, or something close to crying, and you’ll want to dream up more stories just like this one but you can’t because it’s hard to go there, so you’ll read this one again.

Grande Coffee Break: Anthem by Emma Smith-Stevens at Pank – because sometimes reading, like running, should just put you in the zone for a little bit.

Lunch Break: Monsters and Ghosts by Dear Sugar at The Rumpus – because it might just save your life to realize that where you are is not where you were before, and even if you feel like you’ve let go of nothing – you’ve probably let go of a lot.

Long Stoplight: Winter by Aimee Bender at Fiction Southeast – because maybe somewhere there is an empty coat pocket waiting for your hands.