5 Tweets That Made Me Happy

by Treehouse Editors

Johannes Lichtman

Usually these things come with an intro, but as you can see from the title, this is clearly a spectacularly lazy post, so yeah: twitter as the new forum for flash forms, blah blah blah, changing media, yadda yadda yadda, Counting Crows, etc. Here are 5 good tweets.

  1. want to open a place next to every 5 Guys called 500,000 Guys & just hire a shitload of guys to stand there packed in against the window (Blake Butler @blakebutler)
  2. “Arugula? Again? How’d I get stuck in this pretentious motherfucker?” – my tapeworm. (Colson Whitehead, @colsonwhitehead)
  3. 105 crows (@CountingCrows_)
  4. “Look, ma, no hands!” – child born without hands (Ravi Mangla, @ravi_mangla)
  5. “I wrote a memoir” – some asshole (Amelia Gray, @grayamelia)