5 Things You Should Read (Mangla)

by a contributor

from Ravi Mangla, author of  A Good Meal:

  1. “The Conversations” by Tim Horvath at The Collagist. This story is a beast. There’s so much going on here: structurally, acoustically, intellectually. Tim is doing some awesome things with the form.
  2. Exits Are by Mike Meginnis and Company at Artifice Books. Totally unique idea. I hope this project inspires others to employ social technologies for creative purposes.
  3. “Self-Portrait in a Sheet Mirror: On Vivian Maier” by Joanna Scott at The Nation. A wonderful essay on the photographer Vivian Maier, whose work wasn’t discovered until after her death.
  4. “Family” by Jensen Beach at Necessary Fiction. One of my all-time favorite short short stories. I’m thrilled that it makes an appearance in Jensen’s new collection, For Out of the Heart Proceed.
  5. “The Hell Bucket” by Adam Peterson at Wigleaf. Adam Peterson is scary brilliant. I’ve revisited this story a number of times since its publication, and it gets better with each reading.