5 Things You Should Read (Gay)

by a contributor

from Roxane Gay, author of Girl/Box:

  1. How to Get Into the Twin Palms by Karolina Waclawiak—a truly gorgeous novel about a woman who tries to change her identity to get into the Twin Palms, but really, it is a novel about loneliness and it’s amazing.
  2. Baby Geisha by Trinie Dalton—the stories in this collection are extremely strange, often funny, always interesting.
  3. Wake Up, We’re Here by Dallas Hudgens—a gritty collection of fiction about people who live rough, complicated lives. Awesome endings in every story.
  4. The Wife by Meg Wolitzer—a novel about the wife of a famous writer on the eve of his winning a major literary prize. This book is one of the finest commentaries of publishing, writing, women, and men, you will ever read.
  5. American Short Fiction—every issue of this magazine impresses me. ASF is one of the most consistently excellent magazines around.