This Week in Words – Sept 7

by Treehouse Editors

compiled by Rachel Bondurant

The Rumpus is accepting fiction submissions!  Great news, because The Rumpus is awesome and it’s nice to have another awesome place to read and send fiction.

More FBI notes for your entertainment.  This time from the file of Charles Bukowski, a spectacular grump and a favorite of mine.

A history of punctuation!  Who doesn’t want to know where the octothorpe originated before the Internet hijacked it as the hashtag?  And the ampersand.  Everyone loves that little piece of punctuation that seems impossible to write perfectly by hand but has persisted still against all odds.

And for reading fun, I just think you should read all of DOGZPLOT.  With stories shorter than 200 words, you can read dozens at a time and get lost in a wonderful world of itty bitty fiction.  A minor sidenote: I’m in there somewhere.  Happy reading!