This Week in Words – Feb 23

by Treehouse Editors

compiled by Rachel Bondurant

Gulf Coast managing editor Karyna McGlynn lists her (fantastic) choices for the top sixteen “sexiest lit mag covers in the last six years.” Side note: this is not a bad source if you’re looking to pick up a new lit mag subscription.

Avi Steinberg writes about Louis C.K. in The New Yorker this week, comparing him to Gogol. Technically, this is a lit-related link; if nothing else, it’s writing-related, and why am I explaining my decision-making process? (Full disclosure: I’m mostly including this because my sister and I love Louis C.K. and think you should too. So there’s the truth.)

This mini-interview in Book Riot led to my favorite recent discovery: Paperless Posts. Apparently, this mostly online correspondence company draws inspiration from their literary background when drafting the sample print for their invitations and cards. An invitation to the Kennedy family’s Easter party at the White House in 1961, for example. A Mother’s Day card from Sigmund Freud. You get the idea.

And if you need a fiction fix until our next piece publishes on Monday, check out “All She Had” by Jessica Richardson in Hobart Pulp. A story about a girl and her grandfathers.