5 Things to Read on the Internet

by a contributor

from Joe Worthen, author of The Haunted Cave:

  1. Achewood – www.achewood.com – A webcomic created by Chris Onstad that deals with the lives of some animals who live on a street. The backlog is huge and it takes a while to get with it but once you do, it’s the best thing on the Internet.
  2. My Immortal – http://myimmortalrehost2.webs.com/ – Some bottom-tier Harry Potter Fan Fiction. Many readers believe that a confused 13-year-old girl sincerely wrote it but others believe it’s an elaborate and painful exercise in irony. The debate still rages. Read all 44 chapters and come to your own conclusions.
  3. HipsterRunoff – www.hipsterrunoff.com – An extremely self-aware blog about indie music written in teenspeak.
  4. Yoko Ono’s Twitter – http://twitter.com/#!/yokoono – Yoko Ono shares her daily thoughts.
  5. Ted’s Caving Page – http://www.angelfire.com/trek/caver/page1.html – Ted documents his exploration of a nearby cave.